War Letters – Morotai: 31 Jan 1945, Noemfoor; Am languishing for want of transport


Wednesday 31st Jan ’44
[31 Jan 1945]

[Note at top]

It’s worth it for a guilder

Dear Mrs Pidgeon,

Am languishing for want of transport and you. (and Bub of course!) My! But doesn’t he look well – the cleber lill debil.  Doesn’t look as if you have been fattening yourself up for me – anyway you’re still just as nice as you are. How nice will that be today – my little poppet?

Camp at Noemfoor
Camp at Noemfoor

This is a stinking hot island situated about 50 miles from the equator & although the breeze flowing in from the sea licks the body with a cool tongue it cannot altogether dispel the sweat.  It rolls with steady calculation down the chest.  I’ve got any amount of the stuff for the Weekly so I’m very conscious of the time wasted in getting home.

Anyhow now that I’m right here in the house how’s about it and a cuppa tea?  Are you pleased to see me home?  Lots of love darling give me bub for a while.


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