War Letters – NW Australia: 27 Aug 1943, Darwin; Back (home) from Humpty Doo

C/O DPR Unit
APO Darwin

27th Aug [1943]


Didn’t expect a letter, now did you?  Wasn’t it just too-too sweet of me to write you despite the knowledge that I’d be home before you got it?  It has an ULTERIOR MOTIVE behind it all – you have to very very nice to me right away.

I felt awful on Saturday after Friday night’s party.  At least that is what I anticipate at the moment.  I’m afraid it will be too confusing for me to write in the past tense as what is yet to happen has already done so.  I’ll get back to my state of mind on Friday Aug 27th

7.30 am

Had an interesting trip to the cattle Station “Humpty-doo”1The town of Humpty Doo was named after the cattle station which though comparatively small for this, is silly writing you a letter about something I’ve already told you.  Consider  this purely as a happy good day note and a reminder to you of my sterling qualities.

Just consider how happy I am to be home. And how I like to see your sweet little mug again.

Well what are you waiting for, I’m here aren’t I?

Or would you rather have a cuppa?

A big kiss




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    The town of Humpty Doo was named after the cattle station

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