War Letters – NW Australia: 25 Aug 1943, Darwin; Heading off to a cattle station, ‘Humpty Doo’

W.E. Pidgeon
C/O DPR Unit
APO Darwin

Wed 25th August 1943


This I hope will be the last letter you get before you get me personal like.

Unless someone, or something causes a priority travel hitch I should be back home Monday evening.  So get yourself polished up today my girl – I’ll be seeing you tonight down by the Bay.

Didn’t have a party on our anniversary.  The lads here are saving up for a do on Friday night – farewell to some Flight – Loot who is going down on leave.  Looks as if I may be included in the festivities – we, I hope, (not because of his company but because of the plane) shall travel down together.  Had three glasses of beer on the great occasion.  They drank our health and I drank yours.

Am going out to a cattle station1The cattle station called Humpty Doo was adjacent to Livingstone Airfield where No. 457 (Spitfire) Squadron was based for two days leaving after breakfast this morning.  So won’t be writing you again.

Lots and lots of love dear

Hope everything in the garden is lovely – Freddie.



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