War Letters – Borneo: 15 Aug 1945, Morotai; Peace is officially declared

W. E. Pidgeon
c/o Public Relations
1st Aust Corps
15th Wed.
[15 Aug 1945]


I am Morotai at the moment and am apparently to be marooned on the blasted island for days & days.  Since I had the misfortune to arrive only the day before peace was officially declared I find I am eased off the planes for the home scrambling base wallahs.  If I am to remain on priority 4, I will in all probability never get home – damn it!

Peace was official declared today and there has been no reaction whatever from the troops.  I guess they have worn themselves out after the continued celebrations since Friday night when there was a lot of wild exuberant shooting which results in several casualties and in the death of a yank army bloke.  Ironic that he should cop a peace bullet.

Lots of love,  will write at length later.

Angrily yours,


AWW 1945-06-16 P9 Armistice Day Town Hall Sydney IMG_6202-1
Armistice Day, Town Hall, Sydney by Wep published The Australian Women’s Weekly, 16 June 1945, p9 in celebration of the earlier victory in Europe before Wep’s trip to Morotai and Borneo.

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