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The purpose of this page is provide a means of posting photos or images of PIDGEON family members to share with others or aid in their identification.



Sompid.jpg (30956 bytes) Second from left is Flora Merina Pidgeon eldest sister of Frank Pidgeon born in 1875 in Thorncombe, Dorset. She married Edward Salisbury.  The others in the photo are probably her children or in-laws.  Next to her I believe is her granddaughter Flora, she married a Lenthall, possibly Ned Lenthall.  I think they may have had a son Eddie.  The gentleman next too young Flora is possibly her husband or brother. The family were living at Venns Pit in Chard, Somerset in 1881.  It was Frank's father Daniel who was born in 1836. Debbie Howells

Sompid2.JPG (30209 bytes)


Middle is Flora Merina Pidgeon, Frank's sister.  The lady to the left is most likely her daughter as I have a photo showing 4 generations.  Flora senior, this lady and Flora junior along with a son (who I believe is Eddie Lenthall) are shown together.  The gentleman in the photo is either Flora's son or son-in-law. Debbie Howells

Sompid3.JPG (57893 bytes)


The back of the photo reads:- Photograph by Montague Cooper, Taunton, Bridgwater, Burnham, Chard, Lynton and Wellington. As my great grandfather lived in Chard and were found there in 1881, it is more than likely the photograph was taken there.  The photographs were originally the property of my great aunt Flo who was born in 1901.  She died in 1993 and they were given to my mother.  Aunt Flo spent quite a few holidays in Somerset/Devon with her aunt Flora and family. I am hoping someone may be able to date this photo.  I believe it could be Daniel Pidgeon, Jane Hicks and Flora as a child, or possibly Flora Pidgeon, (Frank's sister) her husband and her daughter.

Debbie Howells
Charles_Southworth_Pidgeon_and_Margaret_Jane_Kelley.jpg (131809 bytes) Charles Southworth PIDGEON b. 1863 and Margaret Anne KELLEY b. 1860.

Lori Breon wrote 9/24/2004 on Geoforum that "Charles Southworth Pidgeon b.1863 in St. John, New Brunswick Canada, married Margaret Jane Kelley b. 1839 in New Brunswick Canada.   Both moved to Holliston, MA, U.S.A. and died there later in life.  I am guessing that they are my great grandparents. I hope I can find out more!!!

Lynda Ann Pidgeon

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