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The following paintings by WEP are owned by the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

These images and information have been made available thanks to Sherrie Joseph, Coordinator, Copyright and Image Reproductions, Art Gallery of NSW and Natalie Wilson, Australian Art Department, Art Gallery of NSW.

Self Portrait (1949)

Gift of Mr J.C. Bancks 1952

This portrait was originally owned by Sir Frank Packer, father of Kerry Packer (Australia's richest man) and it hung in his dining room.  Apparently Frank Packer thought it was too big and was going to cut it down in size.  Another friend, Jimmy Bancks, creator of the cartoon strip Ginger Meggs could not stand for this and arranged to swap the painting with Frank Packer for another more suitable to his room.  Jimmy then donated the painting to the NSW Art Gallery.  In those days, the Gallery used to throw a big Christmas party for its staff and all artists whose work it had acquired during the previous year.  My mother worked at the Gallery at that time for Hal Missingham, the Director of the Gallery.  When Mum was asked which painting she liked best, she indicated the one by Walter Pidgeon (a still common mistake).  Dad was invited to the 1952 Christmas Party and consequently that is how my parents met.  They married in November 1954.

Barge Off Fortification Point (1944)

Purchased 10/10/1946 from the Studio of Realist Art Exhibition held at David Jones Art Gallery, cat.no. 50


North West Mail Train

Purchased 1954


Miss Whiteley (1955)

(Brett Whiteley's sister, Franny)

Purchased by the Trustees from the artist 27/1/1956. Exhibited 1955 Archibald Prize.


William Dobell

Charles Lloyd Jones Bequest Fund 1966

Purchased 28/10/1966 by the Trustees from the artist. Exhibited 1960 Archibald Prize, cat.no. 50

"The painting of Dobell was finished off with the aid of rough sketches and notes, the original painting which I discarded and from a few photographs I had taken of him at Wangi"

Letter from the artist, November 1966.

Reproduced S.Telegraph 19/11/1966.


Last Updated - 27 August, 2009